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  1. This will be a three-storey retail building that will have a density of 2.3 times the lot area.
  2. There will be up to 10 retailers in this development.
  3. The project will have a gross floor area of approximately 12,000 square metres and no single retailer will occupy an area exceeding 8,800 square metres.
  4. The Kromer Radio site today is zoned Mixed Use Commercial Retail (MCR), a designation that permits retail uses. It is important to note that zoning bylaws regulate use and not users.
  5. RioCan believes its proposed plan for the Kromer Radio site is entirely consistent with the general intent and policies of the City's Official Plan which encourages appropriate growth (including retail uses) within Mixed Use areas.
  6. RioCan's development proposal is not new. It is the same proposal that has been under consideration since the fall of 2012. The Ontario Municipal Board ("OMB") had earlier denied RioCan's application based on process reasons (originally was submitted by way of a minor variance application) and did not make a decision based on the merits of the proposal. RioCan accepted the decision and is now following the recommended process by way of a re-zoning application as laid out by the OMB.
  7. RioCan's best practices for development projects include conducting extensive independent studies to ensure our proposals fit within the parameters set out in the local official plans and policy documents. Our guiding principle is to ensure our projects result in a net benefit to the communities in which we operate. All the independent reports for the Kromer Radio site concluded there will be no adverse impact on the neighbouring communities. Studies conducted to date include:
    • Planning Rationale Report 2013
    • Green Development Standard Checklist
    • Sun Shadow Study
    • Residual Retail Market Demand Analysis 2013
    • Urban Transportation Considerations Report 2012
    • Functional Servicing Report 2013
  8. RioCan has considerable experience and a great track record for developing successful urban-format retail development centres in Canada. This proposed development project is just one of many urban-format projects RioCan has developed or owns.


Historical Timeline


"I really would love a Walmart in our area, and am very disappointed that Adam Vaughan and Mike Layton put a ban on new developments on Bathurst for a year. So very disappointed."
Male M5V2W9
"I really hope the community realizes that the benefits of this development will outweigh any perceived costs the community things they will have to bare. For the most part, after this type of development is completed the community realizes that it was a win win for everyone."
Female L3Y5W8
"Would help me out, the older I get the harder it is to get things."
Female M6G3G6
"I grew up in that neighbourhood and all there was for shopping was Honest Ed's. This is great for those who do not drive or use public transit and the "downtown" area needs a Walmart that can be accessible. Will also be great for those visiting people in the hospital who need essentials and other things without having to scrape up something in the gift shop."
Male L3Z3C6
"I wish RioCan luck in their quest to create an urban retail building on these under-utilized lands."
Female M4J3G5
"We need the market and we need the convenience."
Female M4P1R3
"An improvement over Komer."
Male M6N2P8
"Liked the drawings."
Female M1C5A8
"Great location, great visual."
Male M5S1C7
""RioCan is a reasonable company and we have nothing against them. However, it is important that they listen to the community. The Kensington community is steeped with rich history and the community is thoughtful and cognisant of the history and future of the neighbourhood. It is important that they don't go over the heads of the community. With input from the community it will improve the design and in turn, the goodwill of the community."
Male M5T1P3
"Great opportunity for the area. Kensington needs to adapt and change."
Male M6G3G8
"I don't mind, makes my life easier."
Female M6J2V6
"I would like to shop there. It's close to me."
Female M6G3A7
"Better than the current situation, Don't think it's such a big deal. Big danger in the smaller towns than here. Many more people living downtown to take advantage of the vitality of the city."
Male M5T1J2
"It will be good for business."
Female M2H2R5
"I have a retail outlet in Kensington and I don't believe they will compete directly with us. The location might be an issue because of the traffic near the hospital."
Male, business owner, Kensington Market M6H2E7
"People who shop in Kensington, will continue on."
Male M6J2S2
"I live across the street from Kromer and I am excited to have a Walmart this close."
Male M5A2A5
"I have two kids, I need it."
Male M5T2M4
"Like the design. Won't affect my business."
Female, Business Owner, Kensington Market area M6I1A9
"Lots of development. This is good development for the neighbourhood. Nothing for the people up here. It's a good thing. Lots of potential."
Male M5T1S8
"I visit the area quite oftern mainly on weekends. My wife and I enjoy walking around, window shopping, eating, watching etc. We also like modern buildings and stores with inviting, colourful, efficient layout with popular or unique goods to sell (even antique shops are fun). I support this project in that I also expect it will increase the local workforce. Go for it RIOCAN!"
Male L6H7N4
"Build the site on Bathurst!"
Male M5V3X1
"On the design, I think it looks interesting."
"Great job on RioCan's part for re-developing and beautifying a current eyesore."
Male L5E2M2
"Might be cool."
Male M5T1P7
"Yes, I would like a Walmart because it’s convenient and easy."
Female M6I1A9
"Having a Wal-Mart downtown would make a world of difference to those people who cannot afford to shop at Holt Renfrew and Pusateri's and stores of that kind. At Wal-Mart you can find everything that you may need for house and home, as well as items from the supermarket from breads, pastries to produce and meat and poultry items. Many people would welcome being able to save money on the everyday items that they otherwise have to pay more for."
Male M6H1H6
"It is a bleak stretch of Bathurst so ultimately think it is a positive."
Male M6G1S6



The proposed three-storey mid-rise commercial building represents an appropriate form of urban ...


The results of a residual market demand analysis, which assesses the current and future market support

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